An Interview with Fortique

I discovered Fortique, a new marketplace for DC creatives to sell their services, while checking my daily All Things Fashion DC email. If you haven’t already checked out the site, do it, like now. It’s the place to go for fashion events, stories, and news in the DMV. Since I’ve dabbled quite a bit in event planning I decided to go ahead and list my services, and a few days later met with Founder Stephanie Olvey at the Blind Dog Café (their cookies are a life-altering experience btw) to discuss (she meets with all of her applicants to make sure they are the real deal). After the meeting I knew she had to be our first feature:

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whenever i get rainbow wheel on my computer



Happy Tuesday =]

Happy Tuesday =]

Happenings: Juxtapose Tomorrow at the Ulysses Room

Need something cool and artsy to get into this week? Well Juxtapose might just be what you’re looking for.

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Venue Spotlight: Ulysses Room

As we develop our venue and market directory for all you creatives looking to share your work, I wanted to highlight the Ulysses Room. Styles Studies DC hosted their first panel events at this awesome space last week. It is located at 52 O St, one of the very few artists lofts in the DC metro area. Used as a showroom and office for DeNada designer, Virginia Arrisueño. They’ve hosted pop-up shops, photo shoots, of course panel discussions, and are amazing to work with. To learn more visit their website, or shoot them an email

a snippet of what you missed on the branding panel last week by neon v mag's kimee brown

The Basics Recap

I cant believe its been a whole week since we’ve hosted our first week of events! Everything went epically swimmingly, and I’ve gotten nothing but thanks and requests to do more similar events-what more could a gal ask for? I think we all learned so much, thanks to our wonderful and knowledgable panel (muchas gracias), and I wanted to share some of those gems here.

DC’s fashion scene being so small can be it’s biggest positive

Elaine Mensah, of branding firm Svelte LLC, points out that it can be great to be a big fish i a small pond! Anything remotely new or innovative is noticed in the district, because there is just not a ton going on really.

If you have an online shop, bring it to the real world with a pop-up shop

It can be tough to gain new customers and get noticed the massive pool of information we call the internet. Getting real world time with your customers in a cool way can create a community of new followers.

Do you

Be genuine and real. I mean if you don’t think your real self is awesome enough, then you should probably just quit fashion go work on the Hill. Everyone up there seems to think they’re super important, so maybe it’ll rub off. No but really,  just be you. That’s not to say you may not want a censor. You def don’t have to share about that ratchet wknd you just had in Atlantic City, but hey if that’s on brand, go ahead and instagram that pic of you drinking a 40 with some day shift strippers. 

Know your SHIT

I belive it was Quincy Jones of Prepster Punk that put this in all caps for us, and i think it really sums up what everyone said. As fashion enthusiast, not only do you do have to keep up with the latest trends, but you must also  know your history . You gotta speak the language, duh. This is also especially important when approaching other businesses to collaborate with or sell to.  Sound like you know what you are doing, and have professional looking materials (eg: line sheets, lookbooks, etc.). And if you don’t know…


I’m pretty sure every panelist mentioned that they would love to chat it up with y’all. Those in DC fashion are pretty willing to take the time to answer questions and give advice to those who want it. The only caveat is if you approach them without doing a little research. A simple Google search and few minutes of reading should suffice. 

What were your favorite parts of the week? What questions do you wish you asked? What do you want us to do next? Hang out with us on twitter, email, or even send me some snail mail (always looking for a new pen pal). Check back often for more fasincating post about people doing the damn thang, and damn thangs that need to be done. If you look to your right, you’ll see we’re adding resources and links to other awesome sites, because let’s face it, I’m pretty charming, but I don’t have all the answers. 


Kiah Leigh

Style Studies DC #ssdc full house -Building Your Brand

Style Studies DC exposes students and young professionals to all facets of the local fashion industry, cultivating a more diverse and connected fashion community in the city.

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